Located in the heart of Ashland, Missouri is Word of Mouth Catering, a small business with a big impact. Run by business partners Bridget Canaday and Rachel Pounds, this operation strives to happily fill the stomachs of Central Missouri with fresh, homemade meals. 

It all began in 2003, a time where Canady, 50, operated solo out of her own kitchen. She catered for friends and family at church dinners and minor events. Years later, she met Rachel. Pounds, 28, is the wife of one of Bridget’s son’s childhood best friends. At the time they met, Rachel was working for a commercial catering business. The two close family friends eventually decided to begin a partnership, and have been working together ever since. Once Rachel became a part of the process, the two decided to move into a larger space, located on East Broadway. Though the staff is primarily made up of Bridget and Rachel, they credit a large amount of help to their husbands and children, who often help out on larger orders. 

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By Sofi Zeman