On August 31, beginning at approximately 10:00 AM, Ashland Public Works crews finalized the new Ashland Recycling Center, located at 5260 W Red Tail Dr.  During this time, roll-off containers were placed and the fencing was completed.

The new center was open for use at approximately 4:00 PM.  At that time, the existing recycling lot will no longer be used for collection of recyclable materials.  Signage advising of the new location has been installed at the existing recycling lot, currently behind Ashland City Hall.  

There will also be signage in place at the new recycling center to help explain the drop-off procedures.  The general public will be able to park in front of the swing gates while they unload their recyclables and enter through a pedestrian gate on the West side of the enclosed area.  Acceptable items should then be placed in the appropriate containers.

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