By Ernie Wren Last Thursday, April 16th, Governor Mike Parson extended the statewide “Stay Home Missouri” order through May 3, 2020. Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer stated, “I think while we reopen the economy for many who need to work to eat and survive, we can also continue to be safe and exercise caution. I think that if we are mindful of social distancing, we can work through the tough times to minimalize the effects of the corona virus.” When asked to what extent, if any, Ashland City Police were enforcing the county and state stay-at-home restrictions, Mayor Rhorer reported that the city has been monitoring the guidelines and that local citizens have been responding properly to protect their families and friends. He also stated that no action has been taken as there has been no need. At this time, there are no new personnel actions to report. For anyone who has questions about city functions and actions that have continued during these past weeks, the answer is “almost everything.” Law enforcement and public works have been busy maintaining normalcy, while the city council and boards have been planning to use the ZOOM videoconferencing platform to host meetings. Citizens are encouraged to go to the city’s website page or Facebook page for directions on how to attend meetings virtually.

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