So where is spring?

Easter has been celebrated this past Sunday. This day usually is the opening of “Spring” for most of us in Missouri, but no it felt more like winter.

It is April, after all.

In Missouri the first Friday in April is when we celebrate Arbor Day. April 6 is a day set aside in our state to celebrate the role of trees in our lives and promote tree planting and care.

The Ashland Garden Club has been planting tress around the city for 50 years. We’ve planted in the city park, the schools and the swimming pool.

To quote the the Arbor Day Foundation, “Trees are simply amazing.” Most of us do not think about all the benefits that trees do for our lives, our communities and the environment. They shade and cool our homes, they add value to our homes and clean the air.

Planting a tree helps prevent erosion and protects waterways. Not to forget they attract songbirds to our yards for our enjoyment. Trees mark the changing of each season by the changing of their leaves.

We not only know spring is late here this year because of the cold temperatures, but because the timber is not leafing out, nothing. Oh, where are the beautiful white flowers of the wild plum and the buds of the redbud trees?

I would like to encourage you to check out the Arbor Day Foundation site to learn about all the benefits of trees to our state, the nation and the world.

This coming Saturday April 7th the garden club will be dedicating a new tree in the Ashland Ridge Park. This tree has been planted in memory of Jean McDonald who was a member for years and president of the club for three terms. She and her mother Mary Sheppard were very active members who inspired many garden club members. We are still benefiting from Ms. McDonald’s work in many areas of gardening, flower shows and love of our commurnity.

The next garden club meeting is Tuesday, April 10, 7:00 pm at the Senior Center. James Quinn from the Missouri Extension will be present “All about the Japanese Beetle.” Anyone interested is invited to attend.

By Marilyn McGuire