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Rebekah Hammett

Thirteen Ashland FFA members flew to Washington D.C. on June 7 and returned on June 12th. Members attended week 1 of the Washington Leadership Conference and stayed in the Omni Shoreham hotel. While in D.C. members attended Washington Leadership Conference to evaluate their personal skills and interest, develop leadership talents and create service plans that will make a difference in our community. Our members spent the week under the guidance of professionals, counselors and FFA staff where they had the opportunity to meet and work with 370 FFA members from all over the country. While attending WLC members attended workshops, seminars and small groups, where they focused on identifying and developing their personal strengths and goals while undergoing comprehensive leadership training that will help them guide their local FFA chapters. While in D.C. each member experienced the history of the nation’s capital and toured landmarks including the Washington Monument, many Smithsonians, National Archives, Arlington National Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Capitol, among others. Along with the many tours, students participated in a civic engagement where they helped package over 60,000 meals.