By: Ernie Wren

A recent social media post by city resident Ron Wilcox appears addresses a previously reported situation with Mr. Wilcox and City Park Board, in which he made a couple of statements including, “The trees I cut down were just dead. Proper pruning would certainly be cost prohibitive with so much needed. Over the last 20 years without mentioning fall festival, some movie nights and Easter egg hunts, what has the board done of anything of significance. I am personally convinced the Park Board should actually go into the parks and make things happen..’  In his social media post this past week, Mr. Wilcox stated in part, “I have received a letter from the attorney for the city of Ashland to cease and desist doing anything in the park without the express permission of the city administrator..”  In general, the park board and city expressed that by attending an official public meeting and stating he had been cutting trees, the City of Ashland was put in a difficult spot of having to address liability concerns, i.e., what if a limb fell and hit him, or he fell while cutting and injured himself. Also, that the city likes to coordinate cleanup activities, such as the recent “Park Cleanup Day” this month. The Park Board and city appear to have no problems with those that would like to pick up trash and brush but ask that cutting and pruning activities be routed through Public Works for approval and/or assistance. Members of the Park Board and city governance did express their appreciation for the level of passion and commitment that Mr. Wilcox has for the parks and hope to connect for future endeavors.

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