After more than a year of politicking, debating and argument, the two presidential candidates will finally let the voters have their say on Tuesday.

The general election in Boone County will feature 36 polling stations – including a fourth polling precinct in Ashland.

“Ashland has grown so big that we had to add a place to vote,” said Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren.

Polling precincts in Southern Boone will include the Ashland Senior Center, Family of Christ Lutheran Church, the Ashland Optimist Club, Ashland Christian Church, Open Door Church and Rock Bridge Elementary. The polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m.

According to Noren, the best method to figuring out which polling place is the correct one is to refer to the direct mail piece sent to all registered voters. If that has been “filed” with the hundreds of other political mail pieces, Noren said to utilize the website or call the Boone County Clerk’s office at 886-4295.

“The most common problem we have on election day is people showing up to the wrong polling place because they have moved or it has changed,” Noren said.

Besides a to-close-to-call presidential election, voters will decide what has become a tight senate race between Sen. Roy Blunt and Dem. Jason Kander, the Missouri Governor’s race between Dem. Chris Koster and Repub. Eric Greitens all the way down the ballot to the Boone County Commission race for the Southern District seat between Repub. Fred Parry and Dem. Brianna Lennon.

Three State of Missouri Constitutional Amendments are also on the ballot.