By: Ernie Wren
I ran into Ashland Public Works Director James Creel at Moser’s and we chatted a bit about the new Perry Avenue completions. He provided an informative update on what’s going on over there:

“The Perry Ave Extension Project is all but complete. All that remains is final grading, along with seeding, mulching, and site cleanup. Due to the winter weather season, the contractor on this project, Mid-MO Landscaping and Construction (MMLC), was granted an extension until 4/30/2024. They have assured City officials that they will make every effort to complete these remaining items as soon as possible, so that the project can be closed out.

The road extension connecting Perry Ave to Industrial Dr, which was the largest part of this project, is complete and was opened for traffic on 12/20/2023. MMLC crews immediately began the removal of the E Liberty Ln connection from US Hwy 63 (North bound) to Perry Ave. This connection created a dangerous at-grade intersection which has caused several motor vehicle crashes over the years. It has now been eliminated, thereby enhancing the safety of the motoring public.

Also completed in this project was the installation of a new water main that connects East Ashland Plaza to Lakeview Estates and a 5-foot sidewalk on the East side of the road. These project items are crucial in the future development of this area of Ashland, East of US Hwy 63. A ribbon cutting for this project is planned to occur once it has been completed. The city will soon be placing No Parking signs throughout this new corridor and are currently working with Ameren officials to determine the best lighting plan for the area. As future funds and grant opportunities allow, the Parks and Recreation Department anticipates implementing some improvement projects in this area to allow for better access and recreational use of the existing lake, although no final decisions have been made at this time.”