By: Ernie Wren

The big news from last week is the election results, of course. Crystal Branch and Barrett Glascock won their school board seats with an almost two-to-one lead over their opponents, which was a clear vote by the community on the future direction of the school board. With a higher voter turnout rate (32%) than the county (23%), it is apparent that the school board race was at least partially responsible for the bigger numbers. Will the school board take note of the overwhelming sentiment of the district patrons? Voters also approved the no-tax school bond proposal by 72.7%, which is high by election standards. Both results signal a vote of confidence in the school district’s current direction and leadership. On a different note, the Ashland use tax failed, while the county proposal passed. It could be that Ashland residents are a bit more hesitant to approve new taxes, or it could be a general sentiment that the city budget needs to be cleaned up a bit and priorities re-established towards basic infrastructure and municipal needs. The Mayoral election resulted in a comfortable win for Dorise Slinker, and his campaign focused on the budget, streets and assisting businesses.

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