By: Ernie Wren

Controversy Alert! This past Friday evening the Hartsburg Lions Club Fish Fry fundraiser, scheduled to go from 5pm to 7pm, ran out of fish at 5:40pm! How do I know? I was in line, and almost ran out of town by a mob shouting, “this is all your fault for covering this in your article,” and “next time give us an early head start over the article’! LOL! But seriously, WOW! What a great community that came to the aid of a local in need. Congratulations to the Hartsburg Lions Club for stepping up, and all the people that ate (or wanted to eat) at the fish fry. Amazing. And by the way, hopping over to The Burg to catch a pulled pork sandwich when the fundraiser ran out was a lot of fun as well. At the Burg I also had a suggestion from Laurie Depietro to consider the name “Ernie’s Events & Edibles” (EEE) which created quite the humorous discussion.

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