The Park Board had a full agenda for the last meeting.  The meeting started off with a notification from the United States Tennis Association that there would not be any grants awarded this year due to lack of funding under the current Covid-19 conditions.  Some of the people on the Park Board expressed that this was not such a bad development, as the current restrictions and requirements placed on the grant could be cumbersome and limit possible activities.  Vendor, McConnell and Associates will still be able to begin the project of rehabilitating the tennis courts in May or June of this year using funds from the city park tax.  The signage for the tennis courts has been ordered and will be ready for installation at that time as well.  

Ashland Public Works reports that the dog park obstacles have been installed and completed in cooperation with the high school FFA students.  The new activities appear to be very popular and are being used frequently by local dogs and their people.  Due to some vandalism and misuse of park pavilion tables, the board is considering replacing all wooden tables with metal tables that can be secured to the park floor.  Local residents have taken pictures and sent them to the Ashland Police Department where the tables were being removed from the shelters and being used as skateboard ramps.  While the intention is not to reward the few vandals, the board has also been considering options for developing a skate park, perhaps in the lot behind city hall where the old recycling bins were located.  

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By Ernie Wren