By: Ernie Wren

The Mid-Mo Canna Expo, which was held at Lakeside Ashland on 4/20, was a great success! The windy, wet weather of the morning didn’t dampen the enthusiasm for the event. There were over 1,000 attendees and many vendors who provided a diverse selection of products: plants, edibles, and pipes. There was also a glass blower producing customized glass pipes on demand.

It was great to see how owner Nic Parks has further developed this area over the winter. The two-story concessions facility, with a VIP seating area and the lounge upstairs, was quite impressive. There is also a playground area and an extended lake for families. The Ashland Police Department was monitoring the area for traffic, and from their perspective, things went very smoothly at the event. The APD reported that there were no traffic related issues, and the only complaints generated by the event were related to a few vehicles parking on MoDOT property across from the event venue. There was one report from a resident on Log Providence regarding loud music, but that was about it. Mr. Parks also spoke at the Southern Boone Chamber of Commerce Leadership Breakfast that morning of the festival, sharing his future plans for a zip-line attraction and other family-friendly entertainment options.

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