LEAD PHOTO:  Sage Pfingsten thanks SoBoCo alum April Ash for her service at the Veterans Day assembly held at SoBoCo High School on Monday.

LEAD STORY:  Aldermen look to future with new plans

With a population at 3,927 residents according to the 2017 Census, and increasing the City of Ashland Board of Alderman has been taking action for the restructuring of the city. Annexation of property, rezoning, building codes, and construction of City Hall filled the Tuesday, November 6 Board of Aldermen agenda.

To help guide the board towards the new and future needs of Ashland, the Board voted to enter into an agreement with Streiler Planning, LLC in updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

“He’s wanting to work with the community, not just the Board,” said Board of Alderman Jeff Sapp. “I think he will be perfect for the position.”

Ashland’s current comprehensive plan was formed in 2009. “Out of 10 goals [of the comprehensive plan] 9 were obtained,” said City Administrator Lyn Woolford.

“We just want an updated plan more suitable to the direction Ashland is going.”

Streiler Planning will begin their work with Ashland by January of 2019, on a 10-year plan for the city, at an estimated $20,000 – $35,000 cost.

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By Carson Blake