Lead Photo: Jose Jalapeños Restaurant was selected by the City of Ashland as its Business of the Year. Left, Jose Hernandez and wife Megan with Mayor Rhorer, center, and their award.


A City of Ashland Police Officer, who is also the Southern Boone County Resource Office, Laura Latuszek is resigning. Officer Latusezk will be accepting a position with Capital Region Medical Center in Jefferson City.

“I live in Jefferson City and my kids go to school there. The decision to leave was very difficult,” said Officer Latuzsek.

Police Chief Lyn Woolford made the City aware of the resignation at the April 16 Board of Alderman meeting.

Resource Officers are employed through the City of Ashland Police Department.

The hiring process for the resource officer position will first be offered to current City of Ashland officers.

“They are already familiar with the community, it’s a better transition,” said Chief Woolford. “We make the job open for current employees and if they would be interested they would become the new resource officer and we would hire a new patrol officer from the outside.”

If no current officers apply for the resource officer position, the Police Department will hire from outside. However, there are no other females currently on the police force, changing the dynamic of the resource officer team.

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By Carson Blake