Think of it as a dining out experience that is really “out” – as in outside.

It’s more than a picnic, it is an outstanding dinner which also raises money for the SoBoCo Learning Garden.

The third annual Dine in the Dirt dinner/fund raiser will be held Saturday, May 21 at 5 p.m. at the Learning Garden just west of the Primary School.

On the menu are tours of the Learning Garden, a bit of education about locally sourced food and an outstanding meal.

“We want this to be about showing our community what we have done this spring at the Learning Garden,” said coordinator Jennifer Grabner. “It is a fund raiser and it is a great meal – but we also want everyone to know what we are doing at the Learning Garden.”

The menu includes salads, a choice of a grilled pork loin or BBQ pulled pork for an entree along with roasted veggies, potatoes and bread pudding for dessert.

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