Tri-County Conference Golf Tournament Individual:

Jarod Steinbeck, Blair Oaks; 77 Ethan Kline, Osage; 79 Zach Krantz, Osage; 109 Connor Gamble, SoBoCo; 110 Kaden Schupp, SoBoCo; 114 Tyler Frese, SoBoCo; 117 Lleyton Shoot; 131 Matthew Potter, SoBoCo.

School: 1st Osage 334pts; 2nd Eldon 365pts; 3rd California 366pts; 4th Blair Oaks 371pts; 5th Versailles 439pts; 6th SoBoCo 450pts; 7th Warsaw 521 pts; 8th Hallsville NS.

The Eagles ended their season yesterday at the district tournament. Coach Mike Johnson said the young Eagles team showed constant improvement throughout the season.

District results at Jefferson City Country Club:

Matthew Potter – 109 (54,55), Lleyton Shoot – 116 (60,56), Connor Gamble – 115 (59,56), Tyler Frese – 122 (63, 59), Kaden Schupp – 126 (65,61).

Here are our scores from the Oak Hills Match last week: Connor Gamble 49, Lleyton Shoot 50, Tyler Freese 56, Matthew Potter 56, Kaden Schupp 56. Gamble and Shoot both had low scores for the year and we had our lowest team total of the year as well.