The SoBoCo Eagles had their hands full with a talented Priory Rebels team that not only displayed their athleticism, but their talents with the soccer ball on Friday afternoon.

The Rebels scored twice in the first half while keeping the Eagles from taking a serious shot on goal in a 3-0 semifinal victory in Fenton.

“When you don’t have the ball, it is difficult to play with them – they’re super good,” Miller said after the game.

The Rebels spread the field and utilized a fifth midfielder in order to build their attack. “You have to pick your poison with them,” Miller added. “They have an extra midfielder and that means if you try to play them and you have two guys on them – if you try that match-up, you don’t get anything going up front. So it’s one way or the other.”

The Eagles held off Priory for the first 15 minutes, however, Priory struck twice in the next two minutes, both goals on plays that started wide, were passed inside and shot to the far post, away from Eagles goalie Nick Grabner – who had no chance on either shot.

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By Bruce Wallace