It is time to talk about ice cream, that luxurious, frozen, adds-weight-we-don’t-need, treat.

Bruce Wallace

First, let’s get a few things straight:

1) It is still basketball season – a winter sport, and we don’t typically eat ice cream during winter sports.

2) We have been setting records for warm temperatures here in mid-February, making it a great time to eat ice cream.

3) Boy, oh boy. Ice cream on a warm February weekend is as good as it is in June.

I am reasonably sure that there are factors out there creating some really weird weather in recent years. More hurricanes, a lack of snow in the Midwest and ice storms forecast to turn Boone County into a arctic ice cube – then nothing happening. Now we have temperatures in the 70s in mid-February.

This editorial opinion is not to debate whether or this is or is not man-made global warming, but it is to show a very definite bias towards celebrating that warm weather with ice cream.

If you would like to debate why in the world it was warmer in Southern Boone on Sunday than it was in south Texas, I’m sure we can find you someone with the political or weather know-how to argue with you.

Me? I would love to be a part of any debate that included:

A) Strawberry vs Peppermint. Or chocolate chip vs butter brickle. Or Andy’s concretes vs Dairy Queen Blizzards.

B) Ice cream vs frozen custard.

C) Homemade vs Central Dairy.

Warm spring-like weather and ice cream just go together.

Of course, we humans aren’t the only ones to enjoy ice cream with the warmer weather. When we take Huck the Boston Terrier thru the ice cream drive through, he is offered a “pup cup,” a small swirl of ice cream at the window.


What do you think should be a part of your Southern Boone Library’s future?

What will the Daniel Boone Regional Library look like in the future?

This Friday will be the final opportunity for you to get in on the discussion as the library will host a discussion group at 5 p.m. at the Southern Boone Library at 109 Main Street in Ashland.

“The library is looking for public comment, ideas and priorities,” said the library’s Rhonda Mitchell.

“We’ll listen to what we hear from you, and use your input to find ways the library can bring about positive change that advances our community,”

If you can’t make it to the meeting, there is an online survey at


Congratulations to the SoBoCo Eagles wrestling program.

Coach Trent Tracy and his Eagles were mostly new to the sport this season and proved that good, dedicated athletes and some outstanding coaching could find success in their first season.

The Eagles won 11 matches this season, sent two wrestlers to the state meet and earned its first medal when sophomore Blake Schmidt placed sixth at 132 lbs.

SoBoCo put out an impressive initial investment to purchase a wrestling mat – one that will last a decade – but they gave the opportunity to 30 athletes to participate in a winter sport.

Coach Tracy and the Eagles took to their new sport like true champions.