Molly Bach enjoyed her fifth birthday on Monday, December 19 and spent a part of it working at the Boone County Journal.

Molly Bach

Molly Bach

Bach was in charge of providing some meaning to our Christmas season, from her unique, similing, pig-tailed point of view.

I think she hit the nail on the head. Merry Christmas, Molly.


“We have not seen Santa Claus yet, but he will be coming to our house.

We also have a biiiiiig Christmas tree – but it is a special tree – today it has posters on the Christmas tree and balloons and streamers and our Elf turned the Christmas tree into a ‘birthday tree’ – it’s my birthday. Today!

Our Christmas tree is a fake tree. It has lights, ornaments – one of them with my picture on it. My favorite ornament is a Santa Claus starfish that my mom and dad bought me.

I want an Elsa doll for Christmas. Elsa is in the movie “Frozen.” She freezes stuff with her magic. She lives in an ice castle. She lives there with her sister Anna. She sings, ‘Let it go,’ and we like to sing it.

There is a star on top of our tree. It’s there….just because. There are other trees with angels on top of them. They are there to celebrate Jesus’ birth. It happened a long time ago. He was born to Mary and Joseph and he was born in a stable. I don’t remember where….but he was born in a stable because they didn’t have any other rooms – they couldn’t find another place.

Who else was there? There were some wise men – three of them – they followed a star set up by God. It led them to Jesus. I have it (a nativity set) and Santa is right next to them. There are also some animals – but not like a zoo, it’s a stable! A camel and donkey and some others.

Jesus was important because he helped God – he was his Son. He died on the cross and saved us from our sins.

On Christmas day, we don’t sleep late, Santa comes and brings presents. He gets in through our chimney. We got a trampoline last year.

We wake up and yell for mommy and daddy – we have to wait for them to get their camera ready, then we take turns opening presents.

We’re headed to grammy’s house on Christmas. We also put out milk and cookies – and reindeer food. And don’t forget the cheese for the Santa mouse.

I bought my sisters a present. We give presents because it’s nice. We give presents to people in our family and we also wrap up some shoeboxes with toys for people who don’t have the money to buy things for Christmas.

It’s also fun and special to see our cousins at Christmas.

I like playing in the snow….I hope we get more snow for Christmas.