This Sunday’s Super Bowl is a football bettor’s dream.

Of course, the Thanksgiving Day family game of touch football at Aunt Martha’s backyard is a true football bettor’s dream – that is the power that football holds over many sports bettors and bookies.

Bruce Wallace

However, this Super Bowl could be the entertainment that I’ve been looking for.

Not caring about this year’s Super game any more than I care about the current Commander in Chief’s Tweets, I was planning on spending my Sunday doing some laundry, getting a head start on the Spring Garage Cleaning and toiling away in the kitchen for hours to prepare my wife an exquisite four-course meal.

OK, you caught me.

I would actually be most likely to skip the 5-hour pre-game while reading a book and tuning in just in time for kickoff with my wife’s incredible Diablo dip with a cold adult beverage and taking a nap somewhere around the 6:52 mark of the second quarter.

But the betting pool has become most interesting this year due to the potential “shock nature” of halftime entertainer Lady Gaga as well as the “who-knows-what-Trump-will-Tweet” bet just before the second half kickoff.

Who knows?

Trump could either congratulate Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, use some of his locker room talk while mentioning Brady’s supermodel wife Giselle Bungeden or simply announce that he and Putin have decided to divide and conquer Poland.

Who knows?

Super Bowl bets are well known to be detail oriented. From bets on the first player to score – kickers often get good odds – to the combined passing yardage of the two quarterbacks, Super Bowl bets can be crazy.

This year, we could break the bank on Super Crazy Bowl Bets. Including:

• Over/Under on Pres. Trump references by play-by-play caller Jack Buck – 4.5

• Odds on Pres. Trump calling into the pre-game show live – 6-1

• Odds that when he calls in, he discusses hairpieces with Terry Bradshaw – 27-1

• Odds that Lady Gaga performs halftime with pink hair – 4-1.

• Odds that Lady Gaga has a political message for the President – 1-3.

• Odds that Pres. Trump will order Lady Gaga deported to her foreign nation – Yonkers, N.Y. – 6-1….but changing daily.

• Odds that Pres. Trump fires Lady Gaga before the end of the third quarter. 3-5, but we’re not sure what she will be fired from?

There is no doubt that you can get Vegas odds on the total points in Sunday’s Big Game. Whether or not you can get odds on America’s two great entertainers – Lady Gaga and President Trump – is up for grabs.

It is only a matter of time before you can put money down on the next crazy think our new President will Tweet about.