Millions of marchers and protestors marched in protest of the new administration on Saturday.

Bruce Wallace

My wife and I marched as well. We got out of our SUV, marched across the bridge over Cedar Creek and straight up the hill into the Mark Twain National Forrest. Never let it be said that a walk in the woods doesn’t help lower your stress as well as improve your health.

But questions remain about what the new Commander in Chief might or might not do.

The new President of the United States has vowed to cut corporate taxes, provide a middle-class tax cut and provide us some common-sense health care.

I’m counting the days for my tax cut and cheaper health insurance.

Actually, if the President would simply provide some cuts that would likely make all of us a little less stressed and a lot happier, we might not have so many upset folks.

Nah, I’m not talking budget – I’m talking about the little things in life:

• Can I rent a hotel room for a night without having to sign a two-page contract? Double that for renting an automobile.

• Do we really a 48-page booklet when you purchase a power drill?

• Can the President not make cuts to the miniature book that comes with every box of sinus rinse? I swear by my netty pot – especially during fall and spring – but don’t see the need to have companies provide multi-page warnings about mishandling the contents of the box and cleaning and disinfecting the “device.” Good grief, it’s a plastic teapot you fill with warm water and solution. An above-average second grader can take care of this.

But purchasing devices and implements are only a small part of what the President can cut.

• Movies – yeah, Captain America doesn’t really need to go on for two hours and twenty-seven minutes.

• Football games – enough already with the extra commercials and officials review after every three-yard running play. It seems to be as a football fan, you have to give up nearly an entire day just to keep up.

• The Super Bowl – Coverage for next weekend’s big game started this past Monday. We need two weeks of Super Bowl coverage like the President needs another Twitter account.

• Likewise, baseball games – from high school to the St. Louis Cardinals – as well as waiting times at the dentists office and, of course, the department of motor vehicles.

If the President wants to make some cuts, he should absolutely cut the amount of time we have to be driven right up the wall by political candidates.

In the UK, it takes about the same amount of time to elect a Prime Minister as it does for the NBA to hold its championship best-of-seven series.

So, Mr. President, I strongly urge you to cut the election process. Let’s say these candidates have 90 days to raise funding and six months to run a campaign. No more two year campaigns, fewer caucuses, debates and speeches. Campaigns would be allowed no more than a dozen or so paid employees and the media which currently allows as many as eight pinheads yelling at each other all at once would be allowed no more than two commentators at a time.

Sitting through a full presidential campaign is a little like having a root canal every week. The excruciating pain would likely make those on the losing side be more accepting of the winner and his or her ideas.

The new President has pledged to make some cuts. Making a few cuts that will make life a little more pleasant will likely make for a happier country.

Then you can Tweet any jackass thing you like and not irritate nearly as much.

Speaking of, columns tweaking at the President of the United States, Congress and local mayors should probably be shorter as well.