Did anyone see Spring as it whipped through Mid-Missouri at some point in late April?

Bruce Wallace

I think it lasted all of about two weeks – maybe less.

But now that summer is officially here….it is time to break out the ice team and the swim googles.


Congratulations to all of the Southern Boone High School grads. There are a number of stories in that group of 110 grads, including:

• A small group of enlistees into the Army, Navy and the Army National Guard.

Congrats to:

• A volunteer Southern Boone fire fighter who received, on Sunday, a fire helmet along with her diploma. I have seen Sam Bretthorst on a number of fire calls and can tell you she works as hard – and many times out-works – the guys on those calls. Sam is a valuable member of the fire department and respected by the officers of the fire district. Congratulations, Sam.

• Ryan Nolan sang “I did it my way” and Grant Rust sang “Unknown,” during the ceremony. Both talented young men will pursue their love of music and fine arts in college, Nolan at Missouri State and Rust in California.

• That Riley Tade received a standing ovation from his classmates was not a surprise. That it seemed natural for his classmates to do so was not a surprise, either. I think we should all remember that moment next time we question this generation for their willingness to care for others, to admire and perform hard work and to recognize the good in everyone – even those who may not look like them.

This Class of 2018 does all those things – and is a part of “that generation.”

I think caring about the right things is a big part of making a difference in our communities and in our country. The Southern Boone High School Class of 2018 has an opportunity to make a difference wherever they go.


Plenty of people have stopped downtown to ask workers what they are building at the former Postal Workers Union building. That building was purchased earlier this spring and Pizza Haus owner Matt Berhorst had been negotiating to utilize the space, however, that has apparently fallen through – or maybe not?

Pizza Haus was a stalwart in downtown – at both the best Broadway location and the corner of Broadway and Main – and the owner, Matt, is a well-liked business owner.

However, that Pizza Haus is not re-opened tells me two things: 1) Finding adequate commercial space to rent or buy for a restaurant is not as simple as it may seem; and, 2) The restaurant business is extremely difficult. Actually, having been a waiter/bartender in my college days at one of Fayetteville’s most popular spots taught me all the lessons I need to know about being in the restaurant business.

I have only been on the “backside” of the restaurant business through selling advertising since then and I know one key ingredient for success: Hard work.

It’s a tough business.

Doubly tough for a locally owned and operated restaurant.

I have also learned this – if you want good community restaurants, patronize the ones which are already in town. Word gets around when a restaurant owner is making a go of it and soon the public will have more to choose from.

Word has it that land owner and former restaurant owner Charlie Clayton is opening a pizza and barbecue entry in the restaurant game. The former owner of the Turtle Club knows how to serve his customers. Time will tell.

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