By Bruce Wallace

Monday’s temperatures set a record high temperature at 84-degrees, but that did not stop Southern Boone firefighters working, in full bunker gear, to demonstrate to high school teens what happens at the aftermath of a deadly car wreck.

Those same fire volunteers made a real call late in the afternoon to fight a grass fire that threatened to get out of control. Both the practice and the real fire call demonstrated the professionalism and the dedication of our local Southern Boone Fire Protection District volunteers.

A grass fire may seem like small potatoes, but when you see a fireman run down a ravine towards a wall of flame that has reached five feet high by about 10 yards in width and he is armed with only a leaf blower, you get a sense of the courage and knowledge of these fire fighters.

The fire looked as though it was spreading and headed for the tops of trees. The fireman calmly blew dead leaves into the fire, creating a fire break and protecting himself and the property around him. Southern Boone fire fighters are volunteers who show up for long hours of training before they ever go on emergency calls. When they do, they are prepared to do their job – which includes professional training and a good sense of willingness to put themselves in harm’s way. We appreciate their dedication.