My college football holiday bowl season was quite a bit different this year.

Instead of watching football, I was busy pushing around my 6-moth-old grandson Luke, in the new Radio Flyer Wagon I bought him for Christmas.

Bruce Wallace

Bruce Wallace

I had plenty of ideas for Christmas presents for Luke, by my wife said “No” to the Tonka truck that was as big as he is and his mother said “Absolutely NOT!” to anything that could be swallowed, shot or could paint their two Labrador Retrievers.

So, the Radio Flyer it was. And what kid wouldn’t be crazy about that?

This is a modern Radio Flyer with two flip-up, chair-back seats, cupholders and dripping with traditional charm.

It turns out I had a lot to learn about infant transportation.

My daughter showed me what the other grandfather bought them for Christmas: A Revolution model Bob Stroller.

If you don’t know what a Bob Stroller is, you haven’t been around little tykes much lately.

Bob Strollers make moms look hip, trendy and cool as they jog through the park.

Their children are safe, smart and beautiful in a Bob Stroller.

If you have a Bob Stroller – – you’re 10 lbs. lighter, 10-times faster and 10-times more cool.

“Dad, there are so many gadgets on this, I haven’t had time to figure them all out,” my daughter exclaimed as we looked at the Bob Stroller Revolution.

“Look! There is a state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system so it’s easy to push Luke as I jog!”

“Ya know, if you put Luke in his wagon at the top of the hill here, and give him a push, I’ll bet he could get to the bottom of the driveway in less than 30-seconds.”

“Dad! she exclaimed, “that’s not safe! Speaking of safe, did you see there are foot brakes and hand brakes on this stroller?”

I thought, “hmmm…the kid could stick his feet down and skid his sneakers to stop his wagon.”

“There’s even a sun screen so Luke won’t get direct sun! she gushed, as she demonstrated.

“Oh, for crying out loud, buy the kid a hat,” I thought.

“I would bet you could buy the solar panel upgrade, attach it to the top of the stroller canopy and send him around the park by himself with an app on your smart phone,” I deadpanned.

“Very funny, dad. You know, the high-impact polymer composite wheels with pneumatic tires take on tough terrain in this stroller. And the ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seat for enhanced seating comfort is perfect for Luke.”


Luke’s grandfather bought him Revolution model Bob Stroller.

A Lamborghini, if you will.

I bought the kid a Radio Flyer Wagon.

In other words, a mini-van.

No suspension system? No hand brakes? No padded seat? No kid would be caught dead riding around the park in a red wagon with plastic wheels.

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