Ashland Police Chief Lyn Woolford has a few more pages of paperwork this week – but it is paperwork that he won’t mind completing.

Woolford won the popular vote competition for America’s Favorite Crossing Guard – just edging out an Ohio crossing guard.

“Now I will be completing some paperwork, providing answers for various categories,” Woolford said. “I am humbled that I was nominated, let alone to receive so many votes,” he added. “This voting shows a lot of community pride, and I’m happy to be just a part of that.”

Woolford, who is in his sixth year as police chief, said he will be answering questions about the school district’s safety record, the proactive initiatives of the crossing guard position and his involvement in the community.

The winnings are substantial.

The SoBoCo district will receive $10,000 to be spent on “pedestrian enhancements” around school facilities. Woolford is also to receive $500 for clothing/accessories to assist with his job, however, he said as the city supplies his police uniform and supplies, he was hoping that the school district could use that money for its own crossing guards at crosswalks in the parking lots.

The Safe Kids WorldWide nonprofit promoted the contest. Woolford had 11,031 votes, just 52 more than the runnerup. The panel will make its final decision soon, Woolford said.