Lennon will work for accessible, secure elections:

Brianna Lennon

Public education with simple, accessible, and secure elections is the foundation for Brianna Lennon, the Democratic candidate for County Clerk.

Lennon is a Mizzou alum, with a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs, and University of Missouri School of Law with experience in private practice in elections and civil litigation.

Lennon is a former Missouri Assistant Attorney General, Deputy Director of Elections, and first coordinator of Election Integrity Unit in Missouri Secretary of State.

“My mind set for the Clerk’s office is to put voters first, and how we do that is with open communication,” she said.

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Burks cites data driven decisions to increase voters:

Taylor Burks

November 6 mid-term elections have a competitive campaign for Boone County Clerk.

Boone County Clerk is a four-year term elected official, who is responsible for the records, rules, and proceedings of the County Commission. Responsibilities also include inspecting and reviewing all voter precinct boundaries, conducting elections and administrative duties.

Taylor W. Burks is the current appointed Republican Boone County Clerk. Previous to his appointment, Burks was the Director of Logistics at the University of Missouri. Burks earned a Bachelor of Science in Justice Systems at Truman State University, a Master of Arts in Administrative Leadership from the University of Oklahoma, and his Master of Accounting at Washington University in St. Louis.

A U.S. Navy veteran who still serves in the reserves, Burks wants to implement his military experience, and education into the elected position as County Clerk.

“Being a veteran, there are no Republicans or Democrats, just individuals serving our county,” Burks says. “I am the only candidate, including my opponent, that on the record has advocated across the political isle.”

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By Carson Blake