More rain due today

Heavy rains pounded Missouri throughout the weekend and have left roads closed – including two Interstate highways – around the state. Flood victims, mostly in the Ozarks, are receiving help from the State of Missouri.

The car driven by Brooke Phillips was nearly submerged on Saturday evening as heavy rains throughout the day led to flooding around Boone County.

Gov. Eric Greitens announced a state of emergency Saturday as flash flooding became a threat in many areas.

Boone County was under a flash flood warning until late Saturday night and a number of roads were closed, including a number of rural roads in Southern Boone. Highway 63 just north of Angel Lane was said to be “closed,” however, according to fire district spokesman Roger Jagers, the road had water flowing onto it and had one lane closed as the fire department attended to a car that went into a flooded ditch.

The Southern Boone Fire volunteers saved an Ashland resident from potential disaster on Fowler Creek on Saturday afternoon.

Nicole Bartlett-Johnson put her kayak into Fowler Creek and had to be rescued after she lost control, was swamped and then flushed downstream by flash flooding waters.

“We got the call about 3 p.m. that they had not seen or heard from her,” Jagers said. “We put two boats on Fowler Creek. About a half-mile up from Gilmore Lane, we found her kayak and then a little further up we found her on the creek bank, mildly hypothermic.”

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By Bruce Wallace