The Southern Boone Public Library began its summer reading program on May 30 with the theme of “Libraries Rock”.

The library hosts the program every summer, with a different theme, to encourage kids to continue reading through the summer.

Infants through adults can participate in the summer reading program by completing different activities, such as doing three book reviews for adults or reading for 20 hours for ages 5-12. After completing the activities, participants have the chance to win prizes and each receives a free book. Adults even have the chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire.

“Some of the activities that are listed, like for the adults, is read the OneRead book. Or we’ll maybe suggest a theme, like with this being the music theme, I think one of the activities is read a book about their favorite musician. We’re not saying ‘You have to read a book about Mozart because Mozart is a famous musician,’” librarian (name) said.

She says kids come in excited to sign up and participate in the program, and they are usually the ones who finish the program.

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By Briley Eilers