A few local experts offer tips and encouragement.

Looking back, perhaps that New Year’s resolution was a bit, um, shall we say, overreaching?

Went to the gym for a couple of weeks, got sore and didn’t go back?

Haven’t set aside any savings yet?

Checked out a book, but now it’s two weeks late?

Never made a resolution, but now wish you did?

It’s now January 31 and there are a few local experts who would be happy to tell you it’s not too late to lose weight, save more money or accomplish any of your other goals in 2018.

Exercise: Southern Boone YMCA’s Denise Barnett will say it is always the right time to start an exercise regimen – but too often beginners often make mistakes that take them out of the game too quickly.

“It’s about balance,” says Barnett, who is a yoga instructor and personal trainer. “If you start working out six days a week for 90-minutes, you will be going at it crazy fast – and end up sore and on the sidelines.”

Barnett encourages beginners to start with a 3-day-a-week program to build consistency. “You’re not going to change yourself overnight,” she said.

Barnett said she recommends those starting out try a few sessions with one of the Y’s personal trainers. “If you don’t know what you’re doing, they can make sure you get started right,” Barnett said. “It takes about a month to get your body adapted to a new workout.”

What about that soreness that inevitably kicks in after a few workouts?

“You should stretch several times a day and drink plenty of water,” Barnett advised, “the biggest thing is don’t over do it.”

Read to Your Children, or, Just Read: If you have been anywhere near a SoBoCo Primary or Elementary teacher, they have likely told you the importance of reading to your children.

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By Bruce Wallace