The Southern Boone School Board will soon be wrestling with the 2018-2019 budget and superintendent Chris Felmlee confirmed Monday evening that he would be asking for the school board to approve an additional School Resource Officer for the district.

Felmlee told the school board during Monday’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting that he would like to hire an SRO for the south campus – Primary and Elementary schools – if the budget allows.

“This list may change next month,” Felmlee told the school board about his priorities list. The school board must approve the budget in June and as superintendent, Felmlee has treated the budget as a fluid document each spring with priorities being added and deleted as the budget’s potential for revenue rounds into shape.

As his top priorities, Felmlee said the Primary School, the fastest-growing segment of the district, would need an additional second grade teacher and the Elementary School would require an additional third grade and reading support teachers. Felmlee said the district needs to increase a part-time Parents as Teachers position, currently vacant, to a full time position.

~ Find out Felmlee’s priority list for next year’s budget in today’s Journal ~

By Bruce Wallace