Lead Photo: Matt Bonderer, left, and Rosie Schauffler help get the Optimist Pool ready for summer. The pool will have an open house on May 24 and be open on May 26 for summer fun.

While the Missouri State Legislature says they have fully funded the foundation formula for the 2018-19 school year, Southern Boone superintendent Chris Felmlee said there are still areas of concern – even for a growing district.

“Right now the budget looks good,” Felmlee said on Monday, “we are slated to receive the amount of funding we received last year, plus a little more in transportation funding.”

Felmlee said the 2018-19 budget, which will include pay raises across the board and seven new faculty positions, would be a focus in next Tuesday’s May school board meeting.

The Missouri Association of School Administrators released a statement earlier this month applauding the efforts of the Missouri Legislature for its work with the K-12 education budget.

“We appreciate their ability to find a way to ensure the foundation formula is full funded for a second year in a row and for their commitment to close the gap on the shortfall in transportation funding,” the MASA news release stated.

While Felmlee is cautiously optimistic about the district’s budget, he also knows that the budget in Jefferson City can change things in a hurry.

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By Bruce Wallace