A close look at the budget passed last month by the Southern Boone Schools board of education shows that the district is stuffing its reserve fund with cash – which, Superintendent Chris Felmlee says, is a very good thing – becuase they are going to need to pay some bills.

While the budget, passed unanimously at the June meeting, provides for pay raises for faculty, administration and staff of about 3% and added eight new teaching positions, the budget left out a number of items from Felmlee’s ‘wish list,’ including:

• Two nurse aides for full coverage in each school building;

• A second school resource officer for the south campus;

• A share counselor between the Primary and Elementary;

• A technology Administrator over infrastructure.

Those positions would have cost the district an estimated $210,000, however, the district ended the fiscal year on June 30 with $2.49 million in its general operating fund (Fund 1).

“Had we added those positions,” Felmlee said, “they would be on-going expenses and would have taken our reserve for next year below the 14% we are budgeting.”

School board president Barrett Glascock said last week that he is pleased with upgrades the school district has made recently to security.

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By Bruce Wallace