It may look like Southern Boone High School and Middle Schools received a new coat of window tinting on their front doors and east facing windows recently, but looks can be deceiving.

Workers apply a urethane coating to SoBoCo High School.

The window tint material provides a urethane coating which is impact-resistant. You can fire a bullet through the material, but it will not shatter the glass.

In fact, video shows a shotgun blast at close range not penetrating the material. A high-velocity round from a semi-automatic weapon penetrates the glass, but the rest of the glass holds in place.

What the SoBoCo school district bought, explains School Resource Officer Trevor Fowler, is time.

“This material prevents an assailant from shooting out the glass to a locked down building and gaining entrance and harming students and staff,” Fowler said. “It gives us time to get the right personnel to the scene to get control.”

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By Bruce Wallace