A small group met last Thursday with SoBoCo Superintendent Chris Felmlee to identify methods to resolve the district’s on-going struggle to collect school lunch debt.

Felmlee told the group that currently the district’s uncollected debt is $26,431, which, he said, would be about $30,000 by the end of summer school.

“This involves 102 students – 87 families,” Felmlee said.

The committee agreed to a plan which would keep families – not students – from attending commencement if that student has a remaining school lunch debt balance. Felmlee said he would work with language to bring to the board before its June 22 board meeting. The committee will meet again on June 7 at 5:30 p.m.

Wren noted that the Columbia Schools district utilizes a collection agency, however, Felmlee said he was reluctant to give 25% of the funds to the agency for its work. “I realize collecting $20,000 is better than nothing,” Felmlee said, “but I don’t feel ready to go that route.”

The committee included school board member Dawn Sapp and board president Barrett Glascock was present at the meeting.

Glascock noted that, in the past, school principals had asked the board to stay out of the situation and let them attempt to resolve it, but that had not worked consistently.

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By Bruce Wallace