The Southern Boone County School Board approved the 2018-2019 school year budget at the June 25 board meeting.

Board member Joe Miller said at the meeting that the revenue is as low as the board as seen in the past few years, but superintendent Chris Felmlee said he lowballed the estimates in hopes that a change would come this fall.

“The wealth in the school district, that’s what drives your tax rate. Our wealth has been going up because we’re growing, and there’s so much new construction and things like that. Here over the next four or five weeks, the county assessor will be releasing a preliminary number of what the wealth is and then after Christmas the actual number. That will really play into the budget,” Felmlee said.

When creating the budget, Felmlee said he attempts to keep revenues conservative and expenditures higher than what they think they will be, and a growth in the wealth of the district would give even more wiggle room for the budget.

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By Briley Eilers