Lead Photo:  Residential construction is far out-pacing commercial building in Ashland. Above: Builders were busy on Monday completing homes in the Southwinds development on Charlotte Drive. 

When the website msn.com highlights the growth of Boone County to its nationwide audience, Boone County Assessor Tom Schauwecker will tell you that Southern Boone County – and specifically Ashland – is a prime reason for those high growth numbers.

The msn.com site lists the fastest growing cities in each of the 50 states and this year “Columbia” is cited as the top city for growth in Missouri.

However, noting that it cites Columbia for having a population of 176,594, Schauwecker quickly corrects the website.

“They are really referring to Boone County,” Schauwecker said, “and Ashland is leading that percentage of growth.”

The msn.com site notes that the population change in Boone County between 2011-2016 is up 6.4%, out-pacing the State of Missouri’s 1.4% population growth. A major reason for that growth, says the website, is the 6,000 new jobs added in those five years and the county’s 3% unemployment.

“For a number of years, that top growth spot was in St. Charles County or the Springfield-Branson corridor,” Schauwecker noted, but the Columbia-Boone County market area is getting a net gain of about 2,000 people per year.”

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By Bruce Wallace