Ameren Missouri customers will soon see their electric rates decrease by 6 percent, thanks to legislation passed by the Missouri General Assembly and swift action by the Missouri Public Service Commission.

The $167 million rate cut stems from federal tax reductions passed by the U.S. Congress in December, which required actions from Missouri lawmakers and regulators to expedite these considerable savings to customers. The rate cut is the first benefit customers will receive as part of Ameren Missouri’s Smart Energy Plan, made possible by the new energy law. Also as part of the legislation, the new lower base electric rates will be frozen until April 2020.

“Under Ameren Missouri’s Smart Energy Plan, our customers will experience lower costs right away and greater benefits in the future,” said Michael Moehn, president of Ameren Missouri. The new law is enabling a major grid modernization plan, which is the cornerstone of Ameren Missouri’s new Smart Energy Plan.

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