Keith and Kevin Brunstrom still remember the first firework stand their father, Jack, built 52 years ago.

“A 10×10 wooden shack, with plywood and two by fours,” Kevin said of the very first stand.

That first year, their father had a partner, another family that lived near them. Keith remembers the family dropping out after that first year, unable to handle the shenanigans of the Brusntroms and their own son.

“The other couples son and I pestered them so much to shoot stuff that they didn’t want anything to do with it the second year. Plus, I think both of us probably had blister burns from stuff going off in our hands, but nothing too bad,” Keith said, wiggling ten fingers to show that he still had them all despite all of his years playing with fireworks.

In the years since the first stand, Keith and Kevin have grown the business that their father started when they were young boys on Old 63, just a few miles south of the Southern Boone Primary School.

Now, the brothers run the stand out of a large shed from June 20 to July 7. The location has grown, and the fireworks have gotten bigger, but some things haven’t changed for the Brunstroms.

“Most of our customers are local, from Ashland and Hartsburg. When we do this, it’s kind of like old home week because we see the same people come through every year. It’s kind of cool,” Keith said.

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By Briley Eilers