Although she did not receive a variance for her pygmy goats at Thursday’s Board of Adjustment meeting, Kim Proctor has reason to be optimistic.

On Friday, Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer made Proctor and her pet goats a late addition to the agenda for last night’s Board of Aldermen meeting. Rhorer noted that Proctor was receiving plenty of community support – both from what he had seen on social media as well as those he talked to personally. Rhorer also noted that current alderman Jeff Sapp attended Thursday’s meeting and spoke in favor of the variance.

Proctor asked the five-member Board of Adjustments to allow her a variance from the ordinance concerning livestock in the City of Ashland.

However, former alderman Dan Elliot noted that the Board of Adjustments really was not the proper place for Proctor’s request.

“This really isn’t a variance,” Elliot noted before the board voted, “it’s just a special case. It should really go to the aldermen for a change in the rules, if that’s what they want.”

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By Bruce Wallace