When it comes to municipal sales tax, if it looks like a tax and it is charged like a tax…..it’s generally a tax.

Not this time.

This time, it is a tax which benefits two city entities.

Ashland City Administrator Lyn Woolford and Mayor Gene Rhorer are up front about the upcoming Parks and Recreation and storm water maintenance sales tax referendum on the April 3 ballot.

If voters approve the one-half of one percent sales tax, it will be a win-win for the police department as well as the city’s parks.

Woolford and Rhorer readily admit, it’s not so much about parks and recreation, it’s just as much about providing security for City of Ashland residents and schools.

The estimated $170,000 in revenues such a tax would bring to the City would go towards Parks and Recreation.

But this tax is really about law enforcement.

Currently, the City of Ashland is holding open a vacancy created by a member of the police department resigning to take a similar job in another community.

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By Bruce Wallace