Lead Photo: Asher Gardner power washes his deck on Monday afternoon. Gardner said that keeping hydrated is important for staying cool.

The Southern Boone County School Board is looking for the input of community members on a new alma mater, presented by high school band director Andrew Marjamaa.

Marjamaa approached superintendent Chris Felmlee at the beginning of the school year with an appeal for a new alma mater. The current alma mater sounds much like other well-known alma maters, and Marjamaa wanted to present something original for the school.

After composing an original piece with lyrics, Marjamaa presented it to students and heard positive feedback.

“It has a patriotic feel, with a bugle call and chants like the University of Missouri’s,” Marjamaa said. Board president Barrett Glascock requested more feedback from the community before making a decision on the alma mater. Interested community members can find a recording of the piece on the school’s website, under the agenda for the May meeting.

The school board also hired fourteen new staff members for the 2018-2019 school year.

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By Briley Eilers