Lead Photo: Last Friday’s Pre-Kindergarten graduation procession.

Lead Story:  Ashland residents will soon have an opportunity to voice their opinion on recycling options at public meetings.

Mayor Gene Rhorer said Moday that he would appoint a three-person committee from the Board of Aldermen to host the meetings and develop options.

“We will get something done,” Rhorer said, promising a change from the often-overflowing dumpsters which are in the empty lot behind city hall off of Redbud Street.

“We have to get something done,” Rhorer added, “this has been going on too long and it’s time to fix it.”

Rhorer agreed that not everyone would be happy with the removal of the bins and noted that no system would be perfect. But it was clear on Monday at the city administrator’s office that Rhorer wants to end what he has labeled the “town dump” habit of Southern Boone residents leaving their recyclables, their trash and sometimes their couches, basketball goals and child car seats on the ground in front of the recycling bins.

“We have asked folks time and time again not to leave things on the ground,” Rhorer said. “We have put it on their utility bill and we have asked them to recycle responsibly in ads in your paper, but we too often hear people say, ‘I didn’t know you couldn’t leave stuff behind if the bin’s full.’”

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By Bruce Wallace