Missouri’s next governor, Mike Parson, has few similarities to Gov. Eric Greitens, but he might serve as a greater ally for Republicans in Jefferson City.

Last Friday at 5 p.m., Parson became Missouri’s 57th governor after Greitens announced he would resign Tuesday evening amid criminal charges and scathing reports by the Missouri House’s investigative committee. Peverill Squire, political science professor at MU, said that while Parson isn’t particularly dynamic, Squire suspects that Republican officeholders will be happy to govern with less drama.

“Next year’s General Assembly will likely have to contend with far fewer distractions,” Squire wrote in an email.

Parson said Greitens’ decision to resign was in the best interest of the state and Missourians, according to a press release from his office. Parson said the decision will allow the state to move forward and heal in a difficult time.

“This is an enormous responsibility serving as our state’s next governor,” Parson said, “and I am ready to fulfill the duties of the office with honor and integrity, and with a steadfast commitment to making our great state even greater for the people we are entrusted to serve.”

While Greitens slashed funding for higher education, Parson has expressed support for the state’s colleges and universities.

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