Report says Ashland growth might exceed new sewer plant capacity

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources began the 30-day commenting period, open to the public, on the proposed wastewater treatment plant that is scheduled to be built near the current city lagoon wastewater plant just south of Liberty Lane.

DNR opened the door for comments last Wednesday as they published their finding of no significant impact/environmental assessment report.

The 12-page document states that the DNR review finds no significant impact with the project and puts the City of Ashland one giant step closer to beginning construction of the new mechanical sewer plant.

“The community will have 30 days to comment,” said city administrator Lyn Woolford, “and then we will have the bidding process. I’m still hoping to begin pushing dirt on this project this fall.”

Woolford estimated that the plant would take up to a year to build and then take as much as 90-days to get completely online.

The City of Ashland has already contracted with Cartwright Industrial Technology Park, developed by the Potterfield family near the Columbia Regional Airport, and the Ashland Baptist Home.

While neither of those developments are ready to send wastewater, Woolford indicated the city was eager to move forward with the project.

The DNR report states that the new plant will be capable of handling 600,000 gallons per day, more than a third more than the lagoon system currently handles.

“The long term design includes space for three additional treatment modules to assist with treating peak flows, serve population growth and potentially promote regionalization of existing facilities,” states the report. “The proposed treatment plant will be able to treat an average flow for a 6,000 population equivalent.”

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By Bruce Wallace