Concealed weapons will be allowed in the Southern Boone Library and other facilities in the Daniel Boone Regional Library system, though the library’s attorney is still reviewing the law in question.

DBRL changed its signs earlier in February after receiving a letter from attorney Jennifer Bukowsky on behalf of Missouri Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch, R-Hallsville. The letter indicated legal action could take place if the signs were not changed to reflect Missouri’s new conceal and carry laws.

Missouri gun owners are no longer required to have a permit to conceal and carry, but the law is unclear on whether or not the library can prohibit concealed weapons.

Reisch brought a handgun in her purse to a League of Women Voters forum to the Columbia Public Library on Feb. 2. Reisch was overheard talking on her phone and making statements about carrying her weapon as she was concerned for her safety at the League of Women Voters forum.

The new laws prohibit concealed weapons from public school campuses and businesses which post signs stating that policy.

A DBRL spokesperson told the Missourian said they would feel less comfortable going to the library knowing there was a possibility people would be carrying guns in the building.