Boone County Republicans and Democrats have submitted their nominees for Boone County Clerk to Gov. Eric Greitens. A selection is expected to be made within the next week or two.

Republicans selected Columbia’s Taylor Burks as their candidate over Harrisburg’s Bryan Chapman. Most expect Gov. Greitens to select the Republican and, if so, Burks would become the first Republican county clerk in the county’s 197-year history.

Burks lost a recent bid to be a member of the Boone Hospital Board of Trustees. He was campaign manager for Fred Parry’s win in November’s Boone County Commission race for Southern District Commissioner. Burks is currently on duty as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve and currently works as an inventory and asset manager for the University of Missouri.

However, the Democrats also have a candidate.

Boone County Democrats selected Brianna Lennon, who lost her bid to be the Southern District Commissioner at the Boone County Commission in November.

Lennon, an attorney, was formerly deputy director of elections under Secretary of State Jason Kander.

Gov. Greitens selection will replace Wendy Noren, who resigned June 23 after 35 years in office due to failing health. Both candidates have said they would consider running for the office in 2018.