City Administrator Lyn Woolford had some very good news and a little frustrating news about the City of Ashland’s planned new sewer plant on Monday.

The good news first: Woolford received word from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources that the City of Ashland will receive a $500,000 Rural Sewer Grant – a one year allocation.

The money will be used, Woolford said, to help build the new mechanical sewer plant. It was thought that there would be a ground breaking ceremony for that sewer plant this summer…..but that’s the frustrating part.

The City of Ashland also received a Project Schedule from DNR which slates the beginning of construction for this November.

“We would like to see if we can move that schedule up,” Woolford said.

The $7 million mechanical sewer plant is being built from the proceeds of a bond issue approved by Ashland voters in 2014. And Woolford agrees that the process takes more than the expected time one might think.

However, Woolford also accentuated the reason why the process is seemingly taking a long time.

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By Bruce Wallace