The Ashland Board of Aldermen denied a rezoning request by developer Mike McCubbin on Tuesday night, setting back his plans for multi-family housing to the east of the Middleton subdivision.
About a dozen Middleton residents attended the aldermen meeting to protest the potential for more traffic, more storm water runoff and more renters near their neighborhood.
McCubbin said he sought the change in zoning from light industrial to high density housing because “Ashland is a residential community, that is what I’m bringing to the board.”
After aldermen Jesse Bronson, Danny Clay and George Campbell voted against the change, Aldermen Jim Fasciotti argued that he did not want to tell McCubbin what he could and could not do with his property and voted “Yes” on the provision that McCubbin would do exactly what he was proposing – build two six-plexes on the property.
Aldermen Rick Lewis and Jeff Sapp also voted for the rezoning, however, Mayor Gene Rhorer broke the tie with his “No” vote.
“I don’t think he addressed the traffic issues and storm water issues,” Rhorer said afterwards. “I am looking for a more complete and thorough plan. There has been a lack of clarity in Mr. McCubbin’s planning throughout this entire process.”
It was the third shot for McCubbin at developing the property. He first attempted to rezone the property for apartment housing, then looked at condo-type units. Each time residents of Middleton have fought the idea. Each time he has not received the rezoning necessary to proceed.
“He is not only asking for a rezoning, but a conditional use permit – which allows him to build nearly anything after we have approved that,” Rhorer said.

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