Cartwright: Despite the heatwave, workers from Emery Sapp and Sons have continued to add to the infrastructure at the Cartwright Business and Technology Park in northern Ashland near the airport.

Concrete work was recently completed on streets which now run to the west side of the business park, connecting to Hardwick Lane.

In addition, crews are working on Saturdays in order to get water lines run throughout the west side of the complex.

City officials said that the continued growth of infrastructure at Cartwright was a sign of the continued commitment by developer Larry Potterfield to prepare the area for jobs and development, as well as prepare for retail commercial growth at the southeast corner of Highway 63 and Rt. H.

Roundabout: Ashland City Administrator Lyn Woolford said last week he was excited about the prospects of a roundabout at the Ashland intersection of Broadway and Henry Clay.

And, it seems, Woolford now has a working plan that could pay for the traffic circle.

Woolford was expected to discuss the matter at the Board of Aldermen meeting last night, using the results of a recent study which offered a few different ideas as to how a roundabout could be placed in the intersection. Woolford said last week that discussions with Missouri Department of Transportation officials have been positive and they are interested in not only a potential cost-sharing for the project, but also in potential financing for the city’s share of the bill. Woolford said there would be months of planning for such a project.