New CarQuest owner Donnie Sanford was being pulled in four different directions last week.

Hawthorn Bank’s Chris Buschjost, George Wills, Donnie Sanford, Tara Sanford and CarQuest’s Marty Montagno hold the banner proclaiming there is a new auto parts store in Ashland.

From new inventory, to working with the computer system, Sanford was busy.

And he was exhilirated by the fact he had a new store open.

“We have just had sort of a soft opening,” Sanford said, “but we have already had customers and I have been working with local auto repair shops and….this is just great!”

Sanford is excited to be open with his 4,900 sq. ft. store. The retail space may be small, but, according to Sanford, the warehouse area is the strength of an auto parts store.

“I had at least 25 guys stocking the shelves in here,” Sanford said, showing off the large warehouse area.